The company Unistar LC also offers its clients the regulation of communications, where certified professionals with more than ten years of experience ensure the implementation of solutions for electronic communication - either through the Internet or mobile networks. Every employee can be reached via a single telephone number and email address on a variety of devices, which ultimately lifts productivity.


In the field of communications, we take care of implementation and optimization of:

  • Active network equipment (switches, routers, wireless solutions for indoors and outdoors).
  • Passive network infrastructure (structured computer networks, optical links, radio links).
  • Solution for voice communications (traditional or IP telephony).
  • Solution in the area of joined (unified) communications and advanced functionality.

Unistar LC ensures, by providing software/equipment, solutions and services of two leading producers of communication equipment to its clients:

  • High quality of services in data transfer through the network, minimum response times and the possibility of setting priorities for the transfer of packages for specific applications or tasks.
  • Mobility of users, as the implemented solutions ensure a high degree of connectivity between wired and wireless devices used in their work by employees.
  • Relief of IT staff as a part of the implementation of communication systems are also control systems and network management through transparent graphical user interfaces, which greatly facilitate the work of IT staff.

Unistar Pro team

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